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The Beauty of Moissanite Engagement Rings

One does not simply wake up and get an engagement ring. This is usually what scares most people, not just the idea of getting on bended knee to confess your love, hoping for a positive response. They look at the cost and see so many other major alternatives. It is not a cheap thing to do. It is a good thing then that proposals no longer have to be such expensive exercises. You will manage to save up quite an amount, to be channeled to other areas. What you need to ensure is that your partner appreciates the gesture, and loves the chosen ring.

You have some choices as to which ring you shall pick. They have now made engagement rings with smaller more affordable rings. You could also choose a chapter stone. Or you could opt for a synthetic diamond. To make the most of the synthetic ones, go for the moissanite engagement rings. Moissanite, which is a silicon carbide gemstone, shares many of a diamond’s qualities, except for the high price. They shall be hard and brilliant as you would expect a diamond to be.

Moissanite stones are not simply good due to their price. It also tends to look better. It seems to be the current choice for engagement rings from many of the existing jewelers. They look good when presented on bands made from gold, platinum, solver, and others.

They are clearer that diamonds, which makes them less white. They shall, therefore, be more brilliant and sparkle more too. Diamonds are the only stones that are tougher than them. They are found existing in nature, but in qualities’ too small to support jewelry making. Those have to be manufactured in laboratories.

To identify Moissanite engagement rings, you need to stick to its four C’s. When it comes to color, it shall appear virtually colorless. There are some that have a subtle yellow or green hue when placed in certain light conditions. To make them whiter, they would have to be cut in a round shape. If not, they shall have that yellow or green hue.
They will also be clearer when you look at them next to a diamond. It is hard to see any imperfections on this gemstone. You would have to get a magnifying glass if you wish to see any indentations from the manufacturing process.

Its carat count is not too different from that of diamonds, though the hues will differ. When it comes to the cut, they should not be cut the same way as diamonds. This would decrease their sparkle. For the best cuts, you need to consult a jeweler for their input.

It is only after you have the ring that you can start worrying about what answer you are about to get. Wishing you well.

Doing Fashions The Right Way

Doing Fashions The Right Way

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